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Solder fume in electronics manufacturing – Solutions for removal

Posted February 20, 2017

Today’s electronics manufacturing industry comprises of a multiplicity of different separation and joining processes, with the latter having a substantial involvement in production technology. Even with advancement of technological processes, soldering maintains a substantial role in electronic assemblies, alongside processes such as gluing, welding and lasering.

Soldering has many facets and isn’t always a straightforward soldering task as it is a process that can attract a number of different soldering technologies:

Wave or flow
Hot air
Vapour phase

Regardless of the soldering process you adopt, they all have one aspect in common and that is the production of airborne pollutants, something that can have a potentially severe negative impact on employees, plants and the goods being produced.

The elimination of solder fume is not simply the provision of good ventilation, it is essential that a quality, fully functional and efficient extraction and filtration system is utilised.   The correct selection of the system is dependent upon the type of fume being generated, the volume of such fume and the process being undertaken.  These factors should all be considered when making the selection of the extraction and filtration unit or system needed.  Mobile and centralised systems available from ULT AG and available through Flextraction, are state of the art and not only extract and filter contaminated air, but are able to clean the air enabling safe re-circulation back into the workplace.

Critical within the selection of the correct extraction and filtration unit is the choice of collecting element; the hood type should be of such a design as to enable the closest proximity to the source in order to achieve maximum capture and to save on energy costs.  Being further away from the source of the fume demands a greater suction capacity which in turn increases energy consumption.  

Flextraction is happy to offer advice on how to choose the right product for your solder fume extraction process.

Visit to ULT AG

Posted January 30, 2017

The Flextraction team of Wally Gilder (3rd from left), Ryan Marsden (2nd from right) and Emily Taylor (3rd from right) recently attended the premises of ULT AG in Dresden, Germany.  The team were given three days of intensive product training on a range of quality dust and fume extraction products that are designed and manufactured by ULT and are now sold into the UK market by Flextraction. 

ULT’s products include a wide range of modular extraction units that can incorporate a variety of filtrations systems, enabling a multitude of uses across many industries.   Laser fume and dust, dust and smoke, soldering, welding, oil and emulsion mist extraction are all catered for, as are medical, laboratory and other desktop applications.  

Dust Extraction Over A Wide Area

Posted November 15, 2016

The build up of dust within the food industry can have serious detrimental effects not only on the product, but also to the health of the process operators and others working in the surrounding area.  Often food and bakery processes are such that dust can be generated over a large area, thereby negating the ideal solution of extracting the dust at source.

To overcome this issue the Down Flow Booth from Flextraction Ltd has been engineered not only to contain, suppress and extract dust away from the breathing zone of the operator, but also to return clean air back into the work place.  This is achieved by working on a re-circulatory airflow principle, whereby a constant, clean downflow of air is supplied from the ceiling via the HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor) filters.

Grilles in the lower rear wall capture airborne contaminants and filter the air via three stage filtration. This comprises of primary roughing filters, secondary bag filters and finally HEPA filters discharging over the operator's head, providing a nominal evenly distributed downflow of 0.5m/sec.

The Booth operates with inward airflow, ensuring airborne contamination cannot escape into the external environment and make-up air can only enter the Booth at low level.  Included within the booth are pressure indicating devices to monitor the performance of the extraction together with automatic control of the variable speed fans to maintain optimum operating conditions.   

The booths are of modular design and available in a variety of size from 2m up to 10m in width. They can be supplied with optional extras such as:

Internal / External 415v / 230v power supplies

Audible Filter Alarm

Bag disposal and Compactor

Integral vacuum unit

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