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Downflow Booths

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Downflow Booths

A premium product that operates on a recirculatory airflow principle, offering the process operator clean air via a downward flow over the whole area of the booth. Contaminants are suppressed away from the operator's breathing zone and extracted at low level through a three stage filtration system

You are welcome to call a member of our team on 01664 410641 and they will willingly assist you further.

flextraction offer the following Downflow Booths to customers in the UK. Please call a member of our team on 01664 410641 and they will gladly assist you on the options available.

  • Downflow Booth

    A modular designed booth that offers a constant downward supply of clean air, suppressing and removing contaminants and particulates from the operator's breathing zone. Whilst the main product is modular in design and comes in 2 to 6 metres in width, they can be customised to meet your requirements.

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