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WORKY Italy specialises in the extraction of vehicle exhaust fumes and collaborates with the majority of international car manufacturers; an advantage that grants them real-time access to the latest developments within the automotive industry. Their products are used within car workshops, motorbike workshops, heavy-duty and plant machinery workshops as well as vehicle testing and inspection centres. Look no further than WORKY Italy for reliable vehicle exhaust extraction systems.

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Supplying Components & Vehicle Fume Extraction Systems For Workshops and Industry

WORKY Products extract the exhaust fumes of motor vehicles from the work area, preventing them from being released into the work environment and becoming a health hazard for the operator.

A WORKY vehicle exhaust fume extraction system is the professional solution for multiple applications, used within automotive workshops, plant & heavy duty workshops, body shops, professional institutes and technical centres.

WORKY Italy - Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Specialists

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