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Flextraction Mini HPDs

Flextraction Mini HPDs are self supporting articulated extraction arm that have been designed and engineered for the removal of dust and fumes at source. They are customisable and suitable for smaller environments.

Mini Articulated Hpd Grey

Introducing Flextraction Mini HPDs

Same great design in a compact package

Flextraction has always strived to maintain its purist principles of LEV design and to offer the correct solution for any LEV problem. We are aware that ‘off the shelf’ flexible extraction arms are often misapplied. The HPD has been designed to address the deficiencies of conventional flexible extraction arms, in line with current HSE guidance, by enabling the correct design and positioning of LEV hoods. In the case of the Flextraction Mini HPD, our challenge was to offer the same high quality built-in to our entire extraction arm range, and apply it to a compact package suitable for smaller environments.

Remember, all Flextraction Articulated HPDs come with a 5 year warranty.

Articulated Hpd Hood Blue

Mini HPD Features

  • Twin supports allow simple fixing of a solid or flexible hose in various diameters.
  • Support clips allow duct or hose to be easily removed for cleaning and reinstallation.
  • Increased surface area of all joints gives a much lighter feel to the HPD, enabling easier positioning with the HPD self supporting in its required placement.
  • Rear mechanism is cased for improved safety and hygiene.
  • Boom at the rear provides the HPD with a 270 degree pivot, improving the working radius.
  • Integrated damper allows greater control of the air ow in the extraction system.
  • ATEX compliant and Stainless Steel versions are available.
Hpd Flat Hood Example

One HPD, thousands of configurations

Choose your model, bracket, hood and finish

Flextraction articulated HPDs are available with the following brackets, to suit your environment:

  • Standard Wall Brackets
  • Floor Stanchions
  • Ceiling Brackets

We also understand the importance of your machine's finish - with our extraction arms available in:

  • Polyester Coated Black
  • Stainless Steel
  • Texture Conductive Black (ATEX)

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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