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AER BA 10 / 15 / 20 - Downdraught Benches

An efficient and versatile downdraught bench that is available in a range of sizes and setups.

Main Features

The BA downdraught benches are designed in a range of sizes and with accessories to satisfy its efficient use in the extraction & filtration of welding or grinding fume particle recovery, deburring, polishing of components and items with limited weights and measures.  Additionally, it can be utilised for small manual thermal cutting operations.

The suction surface is realised in galvanised steel and is removable, can be modified and personalised based on specific working process in industrial sector but also in smaller handicraft laboratories, welding or sheet metal working training structures( professional schools).

Manufactured to Order


Excluding delivery cost, optional installation and on-site training.


Description & Features

Used for suction of fumes and spoiled work dust, welding fumes, smoothing; wood, metal, marble, plastic, and also all those activities where it is necessary to create a safer work place for the operator and control the dust emission zone.

Accessories available include:

  • Suction wall realized in painted galvanized steel sheet.
  • Non-suction wall to divide working places in schools and training centers, realized in painted sheet steel
  • and incorporating a sheet of LANSPLACK R9 to protect from the UV radiation.
  • Fixing system to work surface for installation of a vice.
  • Suction system made up of inverted flat blade extractor with adequate soundproofing in an insulated enclosure with possible connection on right or left of bench (mod. BAX).
  • Electrical protection panel for fan motor starting and thermal-magnetic protection.
  • Plenum for connection of IBS series suction arm alongside


Suitable applications for the BAZ would be:

  • welding fumes
  • smoothing
  • wood
  • metal
  • marble
  • plastic


The suction bench BA is essentially composed of:

• Loading structure in painted sheet steel of suitable gauge, with provision for handling by pallet truck,
forklift and/ or anchoring to floor; the sides of the frame are equipped as standard with components that
allow the interchangeability (right or left with respect to the work surface) of the SUCTION fan or ducts
• Rugged standardised suction surface, modifiable depending on the work to be performed, by means of
specific guides that make it possible to increase or decrease the width of the suction slits.
• Removable front suction wall, openable side walls by means of hinges; the side walls are also removable.
• Internal mechanical prefiltration section composed of a cylindrical spark-trap steel mesh filter.
• Sealed dust collection drawers.

Technical Data

Maximum Air Flow (m3/h)2,000
Maximum Vacuum (Pa)300
Motor Size (kW)Not Included
Air Volume (m3/h)

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