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GMR Mechanical Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reel

Spring driven mechanical hose reel for vehicle exhaust extraction.

  • GT2 armoured rubber flexible hose heat resistant up to 200°C with crush proof nylon spiral.
  • Safety hose stop
  • 125mm or 160mm galvanised extraction inlet
  • Extremely hard wearing powder coated steel construction.
Manufactured to Order


Excluding delivery cost, optional installation and on-site training.


Description & Features

The spring recoil hose reels are one of Flextraction's leading products and are distinguished by the following details:

  • Very tough steel powder-painted structure
  • Galvanized extraction inlet measuring 125 and 160 mm in diameter
  • Reinforced rubber flexible hose that can withstand up to 200°C
  • Hose stopper that can be positioned according to the installation height
  • Hose clamps for easily connecting the most suitable nozzle that can be chosen from the wide range available.

Various accessories complete the product like the microswitch for the automatic start of the fan; specific fixing to position it on non weight-bearing columns or walls.

Technical Data


For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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