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TS300PN Industrial Vacuum

An industrial vacuum with has reverse pulse for automatic filter cleaning

Main Features

The TS300 PN vacuum:

  • Suction unit of the side channel blower type,with direct coupling between the fan and the motor shaft and no transmission system
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Suitable for round-the-clock 24 hours duty
  • Very quiet running and provides outstanding suction performances
  • Safety thermic switch cuts off the motor in case of overheating
  • Control board is placed in a safe position at the back, and include two independent ON and OFF switches (protection IP65)
  • Vacuum indicator enables constant checking of the suction performance, and detecting possible clogging of the filter.
Manufactured to Order


Excluding delivery cost, optional installation and on-site training.


Description & Features

  • Filter is placed and protected inside the steel filter chamber and is made of 2 polyester cartridges, with overall filter surface of 53.000 cm2, and a high filtration efficiency (Class M)
  • Automatic filter cleaning system (reverse pulse type) enables to clean the filter very efficiently, thanks to a powerful alternate jet of compressed air blown directly and frequently into the cartridges (frequency can be adjusted with timers placed inside the control board), in order to detach most of the dust and maintain the filter clean and increase its life and maintain the suction performance of the machine
  • Aluminium die-cast suction inlet (Ø80 mm. diameter), placed below the filter, makes it possible to vacuum at the same time dust, solid and liquid material (the latter only within the capacity of the container), with no need to change or take out the filter
  • Vacuumed material is placed inside a drop-down bin mounted on wheels (100 litres capacity), making it possible to dispose easily and safely of the collected material
  • Vacuum is mounted on a sturdy steel chassis with two pivoting wheels, one of which with brakes
  • All metal parts of the vacuum are epoxy painted

Technical Data


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