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Vehicle exhaust extraction systems from Flextraction. Providing cost-effective solutions for the safe removal of vehicle fumes. Whenever you run a vehicle engine indoors, you should always follow the correct procedures to safely remove the exhaust fumes. The removal of vehicle fumes from an industrial or commercial working environment not only keeps your employees' health in check but also reduces overall facility exposure to carcinogenic and hazardous exhaust materials.

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What is Vehicle Exhaust Extraction?

Vehicle exhaust extraction is usually conducted using two methods:

  1. Portable Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Trollies- These mobile devices extract exhaust fumes from the working area without the need to have a permanent wall or ceiling mounted extraction system. The advantage of using a mobile device is that it can be used at different locations, safely disposing the harmful vehicle gasses over a distance of 10 metres using a flexible hose.
  2. Mechanical Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels - These are fixed, yet flexible devices used to extract exhaust fumes through a large retractable hose. This type of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is either ceiling or wall-mounted and connects directly to a ducting system for safe extraction outside of the building.
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Portable, Mobile Exhaust Extraction Solutions For The Automotive Industry

The flexible option for the removal of vehicle fumes

A portable exhaust extraction system from WORKY Italy is the perfect solution for use within a working environment that cannot provide a fixed outlet for the emission of fumes. Being mobile allows the product to be easily moved to various application sites; something that is essential for busy workshops.

Our mobile vehicle fume extraction units can be used "out of the box" and due to not requiring a fixed installation point, can be operated without the air emission declaration. They also require very little maintenance and can be easily transported by a single person.

Our range of mobile exhaust extraction units can be identified by the GROLLY series, supplied by industry-leading brand WORKY

For more information, you can download the WORKY mobile exhaust extraction catalogue here


For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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