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Flextraction can provide a range of downdraught filter benches, suitable for grinding, sanding, woodworking, plasma cutting and welding of various materials. They are available with cleanable cartridges or in ATEX-rated specifications. Fume and dust created from the work process is drawn downwards through the downdraught bench-top before it can disperse into the air, protecting the worker immediately from hazardous particles.

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Why choose a Downdraft Bench?

Any of the downdraught benches Flextraction offer can be used for large amounts of welding and grinding applications. Downdraught benches are especially efficient with heavy grinding, as the downdraught airflow draws sparks and fume down into the table, ensuring visibility and safety for the worker. Downdraught benches do not interrupt the production process and can be constantly working to filter the air around the work environment, returning fresh air back into the room.

The downdraught benches we supply include cartridge filters to clear even the finest of dusts and fume particles. Downdraught benches can be easily attached to existing systems to be fully integrated into the production process.

POLIJET DF senza afon

Self-Cleaning Downdraft Bench - The Polijet

Our answer for a top efficiency Downdraught Bench

Coral Antipollution Systems has created the Polijet, a self-contained unit with 99.9% filtration efficiency. Its large surface area is perfect for larger welding and grinding operations, and can be utilised in a variety of different applications.

The Polijet also has a compressed air cleaning system, perfect for maintaining the filters inside the unit with ease.

The Polijet includes:

  • Compressed air cleaning system
  • Wire mesh pre filters
  • 2.2kw - 4kw power

For more information and full specifications, click here

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ATEX Downdraft Bench - The Poliex

The downdraught bench designed for use in an ATEX environment

The Poliex, designed and manufactured by Coral Antipollution Systems, is the solution for your ATEX downdraught bench needs. The Poliex is capable of direct extraction of heavy amounts of ATEX dust and fume, protecting the worker immediately and removing harmful particles from the air.

The unit eliminates risk of spark ignition, by having a covered double curve hopper for progressive extraction and a special extract outlet designed to remove any residual powder.

To find out more and view full specifications, click here

Poliwood 1

Woodworking Downdraft Bench - The Poliwood DF

The solution for woodworking dust and fume

The Poliwood DF is a downdraught bench designed by Coral Antipollution Systems, purpose built for woodworking and sanding, as well as marble cutting and light foundry work.

The unit has horizontal cartridge filters to clean harmful dust and fume from the air, allowing the worker to breathe safely without risk of inhaling wood dust particles.

Other features of the Poliwood are:

  • Centrifugal fan reaching high efficiencies
  • 2.2-4kW motor
  • Pulse Jet Cleaning System - no need for filter replacement

To find out more on the Poliwood, click here


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