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Health & Safety Information

Flextraction has continually strived to provide solutions to dust and fume problems in line with acknowledged best practice in design. To this end we are pleased to refer customers to the HSE website and the examples of good design shown on it. The videos show typical examples of the problems we encounter at customers on a day-to-day basis.

Although we offer a large range of standard products that may fulfil your needs, Flextraction will, where appropriate, custom design hoods and systems to suit the required problem.

To this end, MD Wally Gilder has always insisted on this pure approach and this is re-enforced by in-house training of all staff in the principles of LEV design.

Similarly, when Flextraction undertake COSHH testing, we do so by carrying out a full initial appraisal and assessment which includes qualitative as well as quantative assessments to ensure LEV systems are thoroughly evaluated.

HSE Resources

We hope the following sources of information prove useful.

The Clearing the Air (PDF document) provides a simple guide to buying and using local exhaust ventilation (LEV).

This page of LEV information for designers, installers and examiners will help when working with and for customers to help control exposure effectively.

The LEV information for employers website will help employers develop a systematic and critical approach to buying and using LEV to avoid expensive mistakes and control exposures effectively.

Finally, the LEV information for employees/users website provides guidelines on how employees should protect their health in the workplace, and check their LEV equipment.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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