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CoSHH Testing

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) regulations 2002, state that 'control measures' (in this case LEV systems) should be thoroughly examined and tested at least every 14 months to safeguard against workforce exposure.

Flextraction has a broad experience in helping customers meet existing regulations, limiting costs of expensive retrofitting and when possible building in dust and fume control measures into greenfield projects. Our examination and testing services are carried out in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 9 of the CoSHH regulations, and fall into two parts:

Pt 1: Initial Appraisal and Assessment

Flextraction carry out an initial appraisal and assessment in accordance with the regulation and provide a report, recording details of the process, LEV system, design parameters etc. The test assesses the performance using both measured and qualitative methods to decide whether the systems’ performance is satisfactory and sets standards against which the regular test can be compared. The report is a four page document which includes a drawing of the LEV plant and includes information about the plant which does not need to be reproduced each year unless the plant has changed.

Pt 2: Periodic Thorough Examination and Testing

Is carried out annually to re-test the system in accordance with the regulation, comparing the performance of the system with the standards set in the Pt.1 test. The report is a 2-page document to be read in conjunction with the Pt.1 report.

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Flextraction employ a dedicated team of experienced, highly-skilled engineers who operate our quality service across the UK, and examine all types of LEV installations. Contact Flextraction today with any questions you may have - our friendly sales department are always on hand to help.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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