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The extraction of welding fumes is essential to the health and well being of the welder. This is true even if the operation is being carried out only for short periods. We have put together a selection of the products that you would require in order to provide a safe working environment, offering efficient local exhaust ventilation (LEV) within your workplace.

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Weld X Clean Air

Welding Fume Extractors

Fresh Air By Design - Providing the welder with efficient, correctly installed and utilised extraction equipment will ensure they are able to breathe safely

At Flextraction, we provide a range of welding air filtration systems and welding fume extraction filters in order for your business to provide the safest working environment for your staff within the vicinity of a welding process.

Exposure to hazardous welding fumes and dust increase the risk of lung related illnesses, including occupational asthma, metal fume fever, pneumonia and even cancer. The fume given off by welding and hot cutting processes is a varying mixture of airborne gases and very fine particles which if inhaled can cause ill health.

Welding fumes are more than just an inconvenience generated during the welding process; the harmless looking smoke has potentially life changing consequences. However, the installation of a correctly designed welding fume extractor fan and welding air filtration system, used in accordance with the operating instruction, would ensure that the welding fumes are extracted at source making it a safer environment for all.

Weld X Pro Welding Industry Product Image 2021

Mobile Extraction Arm Welding Air Filtration System - The Weld X Pro

Our #1 mobile welding fume extraction unit

With flexibility in mind, our portable welding fume extraction unit, The Weld X pro, offers filtration for an array of welding applications including: manual welding, MIG/MAG/TIG welding and gas welding.

They incorporate a variety of features, including:

  • Mobile unit with castors
  • Simple filter handling
  • Modular design
  • Control elements on the front panel
  • Powder-coated, rugged steel housing
  • Volume flow control: step-less adjustment of suction capacity
  • Loaded particle filter indicator: optical visualisation

For more information and full technical specifications, click here

Weld X Bench Welding Industry Prodict Image 2021

Mobile Downdraft Welding Fume & Dust Extraction Unit - The Weld X Bench

The 3-stage filtration process aims to progressively filter harmful particles from the contaminated air stream as the air passes through the Weld X Bench's downdraft system

Design and manufactured in the UK, the Weld X Bench supports CoSHH and the HSG258 guidance documentation on air recalculation via a downdraft extraction process. Our 3-stage filtration aims to progressively filter harmful particles from the contaminated air stream as air passes through the workbench.

Technical Specification:

  • Motor kW = 1.5kW .
  • Power Supply = 400V 3.2amp.
  • Bench top size = 1000mm x 800mm.
  • Base Dimensions = 702mm x 746mm.
  • Filter construction = Aluminium Mesh Filter, pre-filter and H13 filter.
  • Filter indicator= Loaded particle filter indicator and alarm

For more information and full technical specifications, click here

The Weld X Bench - Downdraft Demonstration

In this video, we demonstrate the dust and fume extraction capability of our number 1 welding downdraft filtration unit, the Weld X Bench.

Flextraction Welding Fume Extention Arm Image

Welding Fume Extraction Arms

Also refereed to as a Hood Positioning Device (HPD), Flextraction provide three basic solutions

Our range of welding fume extraction hoses are designed to have the hood correctly placed to meet the extraction demands on the process being carried out, ensuring the safe extraction contaminants at source.

These self-supporting extraction arms (HPD) from Flextraction are available in three basic formats:

  • Articulated - This type of HPD is available in 4 standard lengths 2m, 2.5m, 3m and 4m, extensible up to 8m. They can be fitted with 5 various hose diameters depending upon the application, these are 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 160mm and 200mm.
  • Telescopic – This type of HPD is available as a standard size which varies from 1.2m or 1.65m depending upon its extended position. It can also be fitted with any of the hose sizes above.
  • Mini – This type of HPD is scaled down version of the Articulated HPD and is available in either 1m or 1.5m lengths and is fitted with 75 mm, 100mm or 125m dia. hose.

For more information click here

Flextraction Welding Fume Extention Arm Image Two

Made In The UK

Flextraction supply and install all our own welding fume extraction products

All of Flextraction’s extraction arms are dispatched with:

  • No assembly required.
  • No internal components.
  • Can accommodate an extensive range of hoses and hoods.

There are three ways that the arms can be set up:

  • Wall, ceiling or stantion mounted.
  • Mobile unit mounted.
  • Part of a centralised extraction system.
Flextraction Welding Fume Extraction Bench One

Welding Fume Extraction Tables

The final addition to our range of welding fume extraction systems is our downdraught bench

For some welding processes it may be that a down draught extraction bench may be an alternative, offering a multipurpose option being suitable for additional applications such as grinding or sanding.

Extraction arms can be fitted to the bench to enable the welding process contaminants to be extracted safely.

The BA model is suited for the extraction of welding fumes and particulate, sanding, grinding, iron, marble, plastic and all activities where there is a need to create a safe workplace for the operator and limit the area affected by particulate emissions.

For more information click here

Flextraction Welding Fume Extraction Aer Baz

Welding Fume DownDraft Benches

Ideal for larger scale intensive welding projects

The BAZ down draught benches offer an excellent value for money product that can be adapted and modified to meet your specific working process. Suitable for both the industrial sector and smaller welding or training establishments.

The suction benches are manufactured in galvanised steel and comprise of:

  • Plenum chamber dust separator, killing ev. sparks chamber.
  • Filtering section with pre-cleaner and pocket filters with efficiency F8, with an easy sideway removal to allow cleaning and replacement.
  • Practical extractable chest for major slag collection and removal of objects accidentally fallen in.
  • A work plan splitter to create a double working place (only for benches of 2m and 3m).
  • Centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller.
  • Side exhaust silencer to allow a re-entry of purified air into the ambient
Flextraction Welding Fume Extraction Bench Two

Industrial Welding Fume Extraction

The BAF down draught benches comprise of heavy gauge welded and painted sheet steel panels making them suitable for intensive use and flexibility. They are adaptable and can be fitted with the fan cabinet either on the left or right hand sides. The bench comprises of:

  • Loading structure in suitable gauge painted sheet steel.
  • Rugged diaphragm suction surface, replaceable by means of specific guides in accordance with the work process.
  • Front and side suction walls, extractable by means of specific hinge fasteners.
  • Internal mechanical pre-filter section composed of steel mesh filter and high efficiency synthetic bag filter featuring a large filter surface area; high accumulation capacity is assured for small particle size dust deriving from the production processes.
  • Lower sealed dust collection drawers.

For more information and full specifications, click here


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