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Flextraction designed its original range of flexible dust and fume extraction arms (sometimes referred to as Hood Positioning Devices) to maximise the removal of dust and fume generated around your working environment. They are the result of over 15 years research, design and development and offer a flexibility and effectiveness found nowhere else. If you are serious about dust and fume extraction, then we have the industrial workshop dust extractor for you.

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Flexible Dust Extraction Units

Premium quality extraction arms; fully customisable to your exact business requirements.

Flextraction always strives to maintain its purist principles and to offer our customers a correct solution for any dust and/or fume extraction problem. We typically find that ‘off the shelf’ flexible extraction arms are often misapplied and are not built to last the everyday use of high volume workshops; so after 15+ years of research and development in a variety of industrial applications, we launched our own range of workshop dust and fume extractor arms – built by experts, for industry. Our dust and fume extractors have been designed to address the deficiencies of conventional flexible extraction arms in line with current HSE guidance, by enabling the correct design and positioning of your fume hood.

Flextraction Fume And Dust Extraction Arms For Welding

Welding Fume Extraction Arms

Flextraction provide three main hood position device solutions.

Although our fume extraction arms can be utilised beyond the welding industry, due to their robust flexible design, they have become very popular for the industrial extraction of welding dust and fumes. Our range of extraction arms are available in three different formats:

  • Articulated Dust And Fume Extraction Arms - This type of HPD is available in 4 standard lengths 2m, 2.5m, 3m and 4m, extensible up to 8m. They can be fitted with 5 various hose diameters depending upon the application, these are 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 160mm and 200mm.

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  • Telescopic Dust And Fume Extraction Arms – This type of HPD is available as a standard size which varies from 1.2m or 1.65m depending upon its extended position. It can also be fitted with any of the hose sizes above.

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  • Mini Dust And Fume Extraction Arms - This type of HPD is a scaled down version of the standard articulated hood and is available in either 1m or 1.5m lengths. Our mini extraction arms can be fitted with 75 mm, 100mm, or 125mm diameter hoses.

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Extraction Flat Hood Navy

A wide range of hoses, hoods and brackets

Configure your extraction arm from our wide range of options

The choice of the correct hood, in conjunction with the correct operational use of your extraction arm, is fundamental to its success as a dust extractor / fume extractor. Factors that must be considered are the product and process being extracted and the distance from the hood to the process. Get that right and you will vastly increase the effectiveness of the dust extractor / fume extractor.

Flextraction prides ourselves in being able to offer a comprehensive range of quality hoses suitable for many standard solutions and normally available from stock. They comply with a wide range of standards and specification in the most diverse of industries, including ATEX Directive, FDA conformity and food regulations.


For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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