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Downflow Booths

The Downflow Booths have been designed to offer containment of dust over large areas of emission where conventional hoods, etc are not adequate or effective.  For example, during scooping from tubs or bags into a weigh point, the area of dust emission is very large.

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    Flextraction Downflow Booth View

    Downflow Booth Features

    Stainless Steel Walk-in Booth

    The Downflow Booth offers suppression and extraction of dust over the whole area, as shown.  For such powder handling applications, the Flextraction Down Flow Booth operates on a re-circulatory airflow principle. A clean downflow of air is supplied from the ceiling HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor) filters suppressing any dust away from the operator's breathing zone. Louvered grilles in the lower rear wall capture the airborne contaminants and filter the air via three stage filtration. This comprises of primary roughing filters, secondary bag filters and finally HEPA filters discharging over the operator's head, providing a nominal evenly distributed downflow.

    Product Features:

    • Designed to offer containment of dust over a large area
    • Suppresses dust below the operator's breathing zone into the extract area
    • Operates on a recirculatory airflow principle
    • Has three stage filtration: Primary roughing filters, Secondary bag filters, and High Efficiency Particle Arrestor Filters

    Optional extras available: 

    • Audible Filter Alarm
    • Bag disposal and compactor
    • Integral vacuum unit
    Downflow Booth Fresh Air By Design

    Fresh Air By Design

    Clean air at all times

    Currently used by a substantial number of the major bakeries and food manufacturers throughout the UK, the Down Flow Booth is compliant with the design principles of the Health & Safety Executive’s Guidance for Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work (HSG 258), which rates the Down Flow booth as 100 times more effective than capture hoods. 

    An automatic inverter control maintains the exact airflow requirements whilst utilising the minimum amount of energy.

    The Down Flow Booths have been designed and engineered to eliminate dust clouds within the fan and filter chambers, thereby negating the need for explosion relief.  

    Whilst available in nominal 2m & 3m standard modules, combinations can be joined together to make booths of 4m,5m,6m and upwards, the booths can be customised to accommodate available space and offer a number of optional extras including:

    • Internal or external power supplies in 415, 230 or 110v
    • Audible filter alarms
    • Bag disposal and compactor
    • Integral vacuum unit.     

    For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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