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Downflow Booths

As the UK’s leading downflow booth manufacturer, our dust extraction downflow booths are specifically designed to offer the containment of dust and contaminates over large areas of emission,

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    Why Choose A Downflow Booth Flextraction Dust Extraction System

    Why Choose a Downflow Booth?

    With the potential for serious harm to workers who are subject to an occupational dusty environment, downflow booths are essential in providing protection during the handling of hazardous materials. Designed to offer control over these environments, our downflow booth dust extraction systems also reduce the risk of combustion by extracting the contaminates from the entire working area.

    Our Downflow Booth In Operation

    The day to day use of the booths are simple, demanding no technical knowledge.

    The control panel is designed with integral pressure indicating devices to monitor the performance of the extraction, together with automatic control of the variable speed fans to maintain optimum operating conditions.

    The start/stop buttons are supported with indicator lights that show that the booth is running correctly.

    Flextraction Downflow Booth Features 2019

    Downflow Booth Features

    Stainless Steel Walk-in Booth Dust Extraction Units

    The Downflow Booth offers suppression and extraction of dust over the whole area, as shown. For such powder handling applications, the Flextraction Down Flow Booth operates on a re-circulatory airflow principle. A clean downflow of air is supplied from the ceiling HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor) filters suppressing any dust away from the operator's breathing zone. Louvered grilles in the lower rear wall capture the airborne contaminants and filter the air via three stage filtration. This comprises of primary roughing filters, secondary bag filters and finally HEPA filters discharging over the operator's head, providing a nominal evenly distributed downflow.

    Flextraction Downflow Booth Filter Breakdown

    Fresh Air By Design

    Filter Breakdown and Additional Details

    Product Features:

    • Designed to offer containment of dust over a large area.
    • Suppresses dust below the operator's breathing zone into the extract area.
    • Operates on a re-circulatory airflow principle.
    • Has three stage filtration: Primary roughing filters, Secondary bag filters, and High Efficiency Particle Arrestor Filters.

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