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Axial Fans

Flextraction offers a wide and growing range of axial fans for commercial and industrial application. Each featuring premium build quality, our axial fans are available wall-mounted, square or round aperture, mobile, long or small-cased, and with various motor speeds. We only supply fans from leading brands, some models from which meet ATEX requirements, some of which are heat resistant. As your UK independent expert, Flextraction will help you find the right fan for your working environment.

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Axial Fans from Flextraction

A comprehensive selection of Axial Fans suitable for use across multiple industries and applications

Flextraction offer a wide range of Axial fans in a variety of formats, including robust cased axial and long cased axial fans with high protection and specially primed for corrosive environments.  Available as inline axial fans and bifurcated fans.

The range also includes mobile long cased axial fans enabling the possibility of directing air flow, ATEX Axial fans (Category 2) and axial fans with IE2 and IE3 efficiency motors. 

Wall Mounted Axial Fan

Wall Mounted Axial Fans

Wall Fan

Our range also includes wall mounted axial fans with a varied list of specifications including fans with the motor located external to the air stream.   


For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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