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Welding Fume & Dust Extraction Arms

Welding is an essential process for many manufacturing and industrial metal fabrication applications. However, welding can produce harmful fumes and dust that can be dangerous to workers if inhaled. That's why welding fume extraction arms are an important safety measure in any welding and workshop environment. Although our extraction arms can be utilised beyond the welding industry, due to their robust, flexible design, they have become very popular for the industrial extraction of airborne contaminants.

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Welding Fume Extraction Arms

Clean Air Welding Solutions

Our welding fume extraction arms are designed to capture fumes and dust before they have a chance to spread through the air. They consist of a flexible hose that can be positioned close to the welding, cutting or fabrication area, with the hood pointed directly at the source of the process. The arm is then attached directly to a flexible ducting system where a fan (usually a centrifugal fan) is then utilised to extract the harmful dust and fumes into an external filter.

Why is The Extraction of Welding Fumes Essential?
Metal fabrication and cutting operations produce welding fumes that can have a detrimental effect on your health if not controlled. Fumes from these processes contain toxins including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide. These gases may cause respiratory problems such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A welder should wear protective equipment including mask filters, face shields, gloves, splash plates, and specialist goggles in order to protect themselves during the welding process.

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At-Source Local Exhaust Ventilation Application For Welders

Why the use of a flexible welding arm is one of the best solutions for the extraction of smoke and fumes

Articulated welding fume extraction arms are highly manoeuvrable and flexible, so they can be positioned easily around the welding, grinding or metal fabrication area. This makes the welding process more efficient, but most importantly, as the hood can be positioned at the source of emission, a much higher percentage of smoke and fumes is captured by the LEV arm.

Additionally, choosing the correct type of welding hood is important because it determines how well you can capture the fumes. The air inlet into the extraction arm determines this, so make sure to select an appropriate hood for each process. View our extraction hoods here

For welding, the use of a central ventilation system or extraction hood over a workbench is often completely inadequate. These systems are seldom cost-effective as they require a great deal of power to run and extract enormous quantities of heated air from the premises. Furthermore, the use of an overhead ventilation system allows for harmful contaminants to pollute the entire working area.

The use of a hood positioning device (HPD) is also one of the best methods for businesses to comply with COSHH requirements for welding, hot work and allied processes. Regular Gas, MIG, TIG, and FCA welding all require local exhaust ventilation to follow WL3 welding fume control regulations. For more information, view the full WL3 documentation below.

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What Are The Alternatives To An LEV Welding Fume Extraction Arm?

In addition to the use of extraction arms, mobile downdraft benches are an excellent option as the extraction of welding smoke and fumes takes place over the surface of the entire table. This is beneficial, as the welder does not have to make adjustments to an extraction arm to capture emissions from a specific extraction point. Downdraft tables are also great for keeping workshops as clean as possible. The built-in vacuum systems pull down dust particles, fumes, smoke and other particulates so the welder doesn't have an overly dirty area near where they are fabricating metal.

Flextraction can also provide a fully mobile fume extraction unit. The Cleango is designed specifically for the welding industry, supporting CoSHH and the HSG258 Guidance document on air recirculation. The LEV unit is an excellent option for extraction of welding fume, particle and dust extraction where metal fabrication and welding is not conducted in one area of the workshop.


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