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ULT is a German company that develops and produces extraction and filtration solutions for all industrial processes that release air pollutants, protecting people, products and machinery. Dependent upon the application, saturation or cartridge filter units are the technology of choice, sometimes even a combination thereof. Often however, this technology requires a unique adaptation to the users' specific environments. 

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Researching New Air Pollutants

ULT is an extraction innovation driving force

The use of new materials and their processing in new production processes always generates new air pollutants that need to be dealt with, especially as most of them are hazardous for humans, machines and products and in general. They can be difficult to eliminate using traditional extraction equipment, mainly because the particle size of said materials can be very small, even in the nanometre range. 

Such extremely small particles are much more aggressive than their larger counterparts. With this is mind, ULT aggressively research and develop their extraction and filtration technologies to ensure the maximum possible compliance with new production techniques and materials. You can be sure that ULT are ahead of the curve.


For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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