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ULT LAS 300 Laser Fume Filtration Unit

A low to medium laser fume intensity mobile extraction unit

  • Mobile extraction system with castors
  • Modular design
  • Exchangeable filter system with extraction and filtration modules
  • Volume flow control: step-less adjustment of suction capacity
  • Loaded particle filter indicator: optical signalling
  • Powder coated, rugged steel housing
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Manufacturer:ULT AG

Description & Features

The LAS300 is suitable for collecting and filtering dry and non-combustible types of dust contained in non-explosive air mixtures produced during laser machining. Any emitted and partially unhealthy types of dust ought to be extracted by collecting elements directly at their places of origin and be filtered by the LAS300. The material of the filter element ensures effective filtering out of the various dust particle sizes. Pneumatic cleaning of the main filter element by the counter flow principle guarantees very long main filter lifetimes.


  • laser cutting
  • laser engraving
  • laser structuring


  • At the clean-air side of the filter cartridge, a vacuum generator with a maintenance-free EC drive and a high pressure reserve produces a volume flow matched to the respective application. This volume flow can be individually and infinitely variably regulated. Thus, the pollutant air will be reliably extracted. 
  • The particles are separated on a filter cartridge (Teflon (PTFE) coated polyester fibre) by the surface filtration principle. Clogged filter cartridges are automatically and individually treated on the basis of the counter flow compressed-air pulse jet cleaning principle. Operating such system requires compressed-air supply (4 – 5 bar).
  • The particles blown off fall into a collecting drawer provided for the removal and disposal of the filter deposits. Main filter module ULT 300 Filter (1) dust-filter cartridge filter This excellent filter efficiency makes it possible to recirculate the filtered air and reduce energy costs. 
  • Further additional options can be connected to the LAS300.x-01 unit. These are to be selected according to the respective requirements. 

Technical Data

Maximum Air Flow (m3/h)635
Maximum Vacuum (Pa)3200
Nominal Capacity (m3/hr/Pa)250@2200
Noise Level (Db)52-56
Motor Size (kW)0.4kw
Inlet Size (mm)75

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