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HPX-ATEX - Axial Fans

A range of Tubular axial fans with external motors

  • Sheet steel long casing with aluminium strip in the impeller area in accordance with Standard EN-14986:2007
  • Impellers made from cast aluminium
  • Pulley and belt protector with copper coating to prevent sparks
  • Sealed transmission unit (IP66) with double retention system
  • Airflow direction from motor to impeller
  • Maximum temperature of air to be transported: -20ºC +120ºC
  • Class F insulation, IP55, with ATEX certification, Ex”e” explosion-proof and Ex”d”, Ex tc, or Ex tb flame-resistant
  • Three phase, 50Hz, 230/400V motors up to and including 4kW. 400/690V over 4kW
  • Rust retardant finish with ATEX paint, containing no ferrous components, in polyester resin polymerised at 190ºC, after phosphate free pre-treatment

Available On request:

• Built-in motors with PTC
• Special windings for different electrical supplies and frequencies
• ATEX construction for different categories
• Fans with two-speed motor.
• Ex “nA” version equipped with ATEX Ex nA motors

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Description & Features

Cased, belt driven, tubular axial extractor fans with casing aperture up to 180º to work in explosive atmospheres.

Technical Data


For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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