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AC 65 Z20/Z21

ATEX Compressed Air Vacuum

The AC 65 Z20/Z21 is the most powerful ATEX industrial compressed air vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum works in all conditions: powders, shavings, liquids and difficult materials.

The unit is equipped with a venturi pipe, generating extremely high vacuum without any mechanical or electrical components.

The vacuum is equipped with a manual filter cleaning system with lever to shake the filter easily and effectively.

Manufactured to Order


Excluding delivery cost, optional installation and on-site training.

Manufacturer:Depureco Industrial Vacuums

Description & Features

  • Large surface filter (24,000 cm2)
  • Conductive net inside the filter to avoid any electrostatic charge
  • Practical release container to collect vacuumed material and easy disposal
  • 4 sturdy pivoting wheels for easy mobility even when fully loaded


  • ATEX powders, shavings, liquids


  • 65 Lt Capacity
  • Available with HEPA 14
  • Maximum Vacuum 500mBar
  • Maximum Air Flow 480 m3/h

Design / Materials

  • M Class certified filter
  • AISI 304 stainless steel filter chamber and container

Technical Data

Suction Inlet50 - 70 Ø mm
Noise Level (Db)70
Primary FilterStar Filter M Class Antistatic Polyester
Media ClassAntistatic Polyester
Cleaning SystemManual Shaker Cleaning System

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