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CMP - Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal. medium pressure. single-inlet fans with sheet steel casing and impeller

  • Sheet steel casing
  • Impeller with forward-curved blades made of galvanised sheet steel
  • CMP 38-2M model casing in cast aluminium
  • Maximum temperature of air to be carried: -20ºC + 120ºC. maximum +100ºC model CMP-38.

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Description & Features

A medium prssured, robust centred, dynamically balanced, centrifugal fan with a single inlet, casing and sheet steel impeller.


  • IE3 efficiency motors for powers equal to or greater than 0.75kW except single-phase
  • 2-speed and 8-pole.- Class F motors with ball bearings and IP55 protection except single-phase models, with IP54 protection.
  • CMP-38 model with IP21 protection
  • Single-phase 230V-50Hz and three-phase 230/400V-50Hz (up to 4kW) and 400/690V-50Hz (powers higher than 4kW)
  • Anticorrosive finish of polyester resin polymerised at 190ºC. previously degreased with phosphate-free nanotechnological treatment.

Technical Data


For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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