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DF075 / DF22 Compact Extractor

Three Phase Mobile Industrial Vacuum with Filter Cleaning System

The DF075 / DF22 are three phase industrial vacuums, designed for vacuuming suspended dust or to be connected to an aluminium and PVC cutting machine.

Each vacuum has a high filtering surface and is fitted with a manual filter cleaning system as standard. An automatic piston filter shaking system or jet pulse filter cleaning system can be installed on request.

Manufactured to Order


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List Price:£0.00
Manufacturer:Depureco Industrial Vacuums

Description & Features

  • Vacuum is generated by an electric fan designed to guarantee the best air flow
  • M Class star shaped filter to filter all particles up to 1 micron , protecting the fan and the user
  • Collection bin with handle and swivelling wheels for easy mobility


  • Suspended dust
  • Aluminium and PVC cuttings


  • 65 / 100 Lt Capacity
  • Semiautomatic Pneumatic Filter Shaker available
  • Automatic Reverse Jet Cleaning System available

Design / Materials

  • Stainless Steel Bin AISI 304

Technical Data

Voltage (V)400
Power (kW)0.75 / 2.2
Suction Inlet70 / 100 / 120 / 150 Ø mm
Noise Level (Db)65 / 73
Primary FilterAntistatic Polyester M Class
Surface Diameter (cm2)24
Cleaning SystemManual Shaker - other options available

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