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Singlephase Industrial Vacuum for Wet and Dry Applications

The Minibull is a powerful singlephase industrial vacuum, and can be used for various wet and/or dry applications.

The unit has two by-pass motors that work together to ensure maximum vacuum performance, alongside a polyester filter to stop the finest dusts.

The Minibull also has the option for water repellent filters, and a floating system to vacuum liquids safely.

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Manufacturer:Depureco Industrial Vacuums

Description & Features

  • 2 bypass motors with independent switches for controlling intake
  • Insulating sponge for low noise levels
  • M Class Polyester filter for maximum protection of the motor and operator


  • Dust and production debris
  • Leftover liquids, sludge and industrial waste


  • 45 Lt Capacity

Design / Materials

  • AISI 304 stainless steel

Technical Data

Voltage (V)230
Power (kW)2.6
Suction Inlet70 Ø mm
Noise Level (Db)72
Primary FilterPolyester M Class Star Filter
Surface Diameter (cm2)15
Cleaning SystemManual Shaker

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