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Oil Mist Recycling Filter Unit

The Noil Filter Unit has been designed to clean and recycle oil produced by multiple industry workspaces.

The unit is extremely compact, and easily adapts to all machine tools whilst maintaining a high efficiency 98% average capture of oil mist particles.

The Noil cleanses the air and recycles the oil, guaranteeing almost total recovery to reuse again.

Manufactured to Order


Excluding delivery cost, optional installation and on-site training.

Manufacturer:Coral Antipollution Systems

Description & Features

  • Inside mounted filters allow for easy adaptation to all machine tools.
  • A post filter is available for heavy duty use applications
  • Can be directly fixed to the machine at use


  • Mechanical Industries - Lathes, threading machines, gear cutting
  • Graphic Industry - Newspaper presses, ink, smoke
  • Food Industry - Vegetable oil, alimentary paste machines
  • Other Industries - Turbines, compressors, pumps, greasing machines, nebulizers


  • Capable of stand, wall or column mounting
  • Can be directly installed onto the machine generating mist

Design / Materials

  • Cellulose filter cartridge
  • Polyester cartridge

Technical Data

Maximum Air Flow (m3/h)600-2600
Noise Level (Db)68-76
Motor Size (kW)0.75-2

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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