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A Range of Spot Air Cooling Units from Flextraction

A new range of PROCOOL single phase 230V/50Hz, portable, spot coolers from Ecotechnics based in Italy, is now available in the UK, through Flextraction, supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products for industrial dust, fume and oil mist extraction applications.

There are three coolers in the range, PROCOOL 9000, PROCOOL 17000 and PROCOOL 24000. They are designed as portable air conditioning systems delivering cool, dry air to an area or areas, where a reduction in temperature is called for. They are ideal for use in industry to improve the working conditions in working areas that do not have air conditioning, on NC controlled machine tools and electronic control systems that require cool air as well as in automotive workshops where mechanics often work inside cars and trucks, places where PROCOOL’s flexible delivery tubes can reach.

They can also be used by the rental market for hire to the Food and Events industries in serving areas, kitchens as well as corporate and social event marquees.

PROCOOL 9000 delivers 300m3/hr of cool air, cooling an area between 20-30m2 at an operating noise level 63db(A) at >35°C, using one flexible directional delivery tube, whilst the PROCOOL 17000 delivers 850m3/hr, cooling an area between 40-60m2 at an operating noise level 68db(A) at >35°C, using dual flexible delivery tubes that allow the airflow to be directed to two distinct areas and the PROCOOL 24000 delivers 1000m3/hr, cooling an area 70-100m2 at an operating noise level 69db(A) using 3 delivery tubes. A feature of the PROCOOL 24000 is that it also has the option of replacing the 3 delivery tubes with a single inflatable tube to supply cool air to large areas such as Marquees and complete workshops.

All PROCOOL spot coolers feature a digital display on the function control, with the user being able to set ambient temperature or the air delivery temperature at the vents. The flexible extensible delivery tubes can be positioned where required. The PROCOOL 9000 has a 10-litre capacity condensation tank whilst the PROCOOL 17000 and 24000 have 20-litre condensation recovery tanks for extended operating times.

Optional accessories include 3m flexible extension tubes and a vent for exterior discharge of hot air.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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