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Air Filter Unit for Printers and Plotters Available from Flextraction

The Airfilter IC suction and filter unit available through Flextraction Ltd, supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products and sole UK representative for TEKA GmbH, Germany, removes irritable and harmful gases and fumes generated through the use of solvent inks in modern inkjet printing machines and plotters.

It is important that these hazardous gases are removed from the working environment and TEKA’s range of suction and filter units are designed to do this using sensitised carbon filters for maximum absorption capacity. (One gram of this carbon represents a filter area of more than two football pitches).

The Airfilter IC is designed to extracts harmful gases polluted with harmful substances during printing processes using paints containing solvents and to disperse the cleaned air into the atmosphere outside the printshop or into an existing air extraction system. The extraction and filtering unit starts up automatically after a set run-on time following the start of the printing press.

The replaceable filter cassette is powder coated inside and outside. The filter cassette is easily replaced through a large service door on the unit. Once the door is closed, the TEKA sealing system ensures that absolute extraction is achieved.

Features of the Airfilter IC include a maximum air flow of 180m3/hour, low noise level of 52 db(A) and 365mm x 496mm x 797mm activated carbon filter cassettes.

Ink producers offer a wide range of inks and Flextraction can supply specific activated carbon filters to deal with the gases given off by these different inks.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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