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Easy Venting to Atmosphere (VTA) Fume Extraction Solutions from flextraction Ltd

flextraction Ltd, supplier and manufacturers of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products and sole UK representative of TEKA GmbH in Germany, has introduced two venting to atmosphere (VTA) mobile and stationary exhaust systems for the extraction of non-explosive dusts and dust particles, including welding fumes, in restricted working environments. They can also be used for the ventilation of underground pipelines, enclosed containers and rooms.

These low cost, easy to use and install exhaust systems provide a simple answer for venting to atmosphere in restricted working environments.

The mobile exhaust system comprises a 0.75kW 230V 50Hz 2,000m3/hr suction fan with protective grids at both inlet and outlet ends and mounted on a four wheel trolley, a 150mm diameter 6m long suction hose with a suction hood having a magnetic base for easy attachment within the work area and a 160mm diameter, 6m long exhaust hose.

Supplied as complete ready to use units, these systems are ideal for use in shipbuilding, agricultural, general fabrication applications and small to medium workshops, as well as bodyshops. The stationary exhaust system comprises a 0.75kW, 230/415V 2000m3/hr suction fan with motor overload switch, a powder coated sheet steel wall bracket, a 150mm diameter, 3m long self supporting suction hose type arm with internal joints and suction hood with a magnetic base, flexible 160mm diameter exhaust ducting up to 5m in length and a 160mm diameter exhaust connection with a protective grid. This system is ideal as a permanent system for use in small to medium sized workshops, including bodyshops.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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