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Exciting New Partnership

Flextraction Ltd, the leading supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products and systems for the extraction of dust and fume in the workplace, has recently been appointed as the preferred supplier for the UK market on behalf of Italian company, AER Service Equipments, based just south west of Venice in Legnaro, Italy.

Flextraction assume the role of Marketing, Sales and After Sales Support for AER’s complete range of Industrial, Welding and Automotive equipment.

AER’s products are perfect for a wide variety of markets within the UK, and whilst they are perfectly suited for the welding and the automotive industry, they are also ideal for a multitude of applications including, grinding, sand blasting, sanding, cutting and paint fume extraction. 

Wally Gilder, Managing Director at Flextraction said: “We are excited at this new venture and feel extremely confident that we have a wide range of quality products to offer the UK market. Amongst this exciting range is a particularly impressive, innovative and patented expandable filtration system that offers a new dimension to the Spray Booth market.” He continued, “Our staff already have considerable experience in selling AER’s type of dust and fume extraction products and a recent training trip to Italy was well received and enabled them to gain an insight into the specifics of AER’s units."

AER have been looking for an established and strong presence within the UK and are extremely happy to have set up a relationship with Flextraction: “We have been looking for a partner that had a similar attitude to that of AER in that they were customer focused and wanted to sell the right product for the application. We are confident that we will have a long and successful partnership with Flextraction.”

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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