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Flextraction Helps Severn Valley Railway Steam Ahead

When the Severn Valley Railway (SVR) in Shropshire, needed support with their welding fume problems, they turned to, Flextraction, who supplied their latest TEKA mobile cartridge filter welding fume extractor - Strongmaster UPF.

It has a welded steel body housing a high efficiency filter cartridge, 3,000 m3/hr fan unit and 1.1kW motor. A filter full indicator is standard, which tells the user when to clean the filter cartridge. This is carried out quickly and safely by the unique way TEKA has designed the safe clean chamber. The cartridge filter also enables the unit to be also used for grinding.

The SVR application was unusual having its roots at the heart of the steam age - the steam engine firebox. One area in particular, repairing the fireboxes, was creating a problem with fumes and dust. Both MIG and TIG welding processes operating at over 400 amps, are used on a range of materials. The main concern was the firebox lining, which was 16mm triple dioxide phosphorous arsenic copper. SVR's welder David Howell often has to climb into the firebox to cut away and replace panels. David said, "The fumes were considerable and we needed a flexible and mobile solution that could reach the areas of weld, wherever I was, on or even in the firebox."

Due to the workshop environment and the high degree of filtration required, there was a need for a long reach and flexible extraction arm. The stability of the TEKA system enabled Flextraction to fit a 4m long self-supporting arm allowing David to reach right into the firebox.

Severn Valley Railway

David and his colleagues have noticed a considerable difference in the workshop atmosphere since purchasing the unit. David continued, "The workshop used to fill up with fumes and our face masks became very dirty. This no longer happens and we are delighted with the TEKA Strongmaster. I can be welding anywhere on the railway and as the extraction equipment is so mobile I am able to take with me, where ever I go." Non welders and support staff within the workshop also commented how they are no longer exposed to the fumes created by the welding and grinding operations.

Severn Valley Railway dates back decades to the Hanbury to Shrewsbury line via Bridgnorth. When it was broken up by British Rail, a society was formed, uncannily at the local pub at one end of the line, and they saved this beautiful stretch of historical railway.

The society has a large and impressive range of steam engines and a continuous programme of repairs, maintenance and overhauls is carried out at their extensive Bridgnorth workshops.

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