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Flextraction Introduces Fume Extraction Cabinets

A new range of fume extraction cabinets (FEC) are now available from Flextraction, the UK supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. The cabinets are ideally suited for use where operators are exposed to low dust emissions and small quantities of solvents and chemicals. They can also be used to perform weighing operations.

The range comprises of 6 models;

  • FEC 350
  • FEC 500
  • FEC 600
  • FEC HD
  • FEC LD
  • FEC SD

Each is made from extruded aluminium profiles in a corrosion protected anodised natural finish with clear polycarbonate infill panels.

The cabinets are supplied fully assembled with the spigot location normally at the rear of each cabinet and with a spigot size to suit the customer.

The FEC 350, FEC 500 and FEC 600 feature an open frontal face access, ranging from 350mmm x 230mm to 600mm x 325mm. They are connected to separate fans or mobile filters with airflow velocities ranging from 0.3m/s (90m3/hr) to 1.0m/s (700 m3/hr).

The FEC HD, FEC SD and FEC LD all have a hinged door to provide an open frontal access. The standard FEC HD measures 800mm (length) x 500mm (width) x 600mm (height), with a working access of 720mm x 560mm when open.

The FEC SD and FEC LD models are two angular cabinets, which can be designed and manufactured to suit the application.

For more information on the Fume Extraction Cabinets call one of our team on 01664 - 410 641.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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