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flextraction Ltd Exhibit Dust & Fume Extraction Products at Health & Safety 09

flextraction Ltd, supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products for dust and fume extraction in the work-place is exhibiting a number of new and existing products on stand number L36 at Southern Manufacturing 09 (11th – 12th February 2009) in Farnborough, Hampshire and stand number 092 at Health & Safety 09 (24th – 25th February 2009) in Sandown Park, Surrey.

Products from TEKA GmbH, Germany, localised extraction arms manufacturer, Fumex AB, Sweden, localised extraction arms and filters, Delfin of Italy, industrial high vacuum cleaning systems, as well as PISAC International’s range of their axial, centrifugal, roof and centrifugal smoke exhaust fans will be shown.

Products on show will include:

TEKA's 'Caremaster SF’ a BIA European Standard approved mobile one way welding fume filter for industrial fume extraction with a fan capacity of 2,500m3/hour and a dust collection efficiency of around 99.9% using a class W3 filter

Fumex's compact and lightweight LF70 mobile filter is designed for extraction of gases, fumes and dust in laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, and laser branding as well as welding. With a highly efficient 0-70 l/second airflow, low noise level up to 56dB(A), it can be used with a wide range of easy to change gas and particle filters.

Fumex's LFK 175 single station local fume extractor designed to remove, fumes, gases and dust from the work station using a Terfu 75mm diameter arm with a maximum airflow of 0-80 l/second will be shown. Using a H13 filter, it is 99.99% efficient for 0.3µm particles.

Details of flextraction's own brand products will be available, as well as information on Industrial Cleaning Equipment, including Delfin's vacuum cleaner for the suction of slightly contaminated liquids, swarfs and accompanying coolants, lubricants and wet industrial waste.

Also available will be details on a new range of industrial Procool Spot Coolers from Ecotechnics S.p.A. based in Italy providing cool air where you need it in the workshop.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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