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Flextraction Online is Now Live!

  • 13th July 2023
  • Flextraction Team

Flextraction aim to provide our customers, both old and new, with quality LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) equipment designed to remove harmful dusts and fumes from the workspace. For over 25 years we have satisfied customers with our own range of HPDs (Hood Positioning Devices, more commonly known as extraction arms), and have worked in partnership with the very best extraction machinery suppliers across Europe.

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One of the biggest things we wanted to achieve this year was to launch our very own e-commerce store, streamlining the purchase process and making it even more accessible for you to discover our products.

Flextraction Online features a variety of our extraction arms, ranging from our mini HPDs in 1m to our extended HPD at 8m and a range of filter units compatible across multiple industries are available to browse.

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Flextraction specialise in welding fume extraction, which is why we have added our range of Coral welding filter units to the website. Starting from entry level mobile units, such as the Cleango, through to downdraft benches like the Polijet, we hope to offer you a solution that can help your business meet the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) standards to protect your working environment.

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For other processes, for example soldering, laboratory or laser fume extraction, we’re excited to showcase units from the German manufacturer ULT AG. These stylish compact units have selected filter combinations to ensure maximum extraction of harmful contaminants; additional filter sets are available to add to your shopping basket alongside your unit of choice.

We are excited to have finally launched this site, and will be actively working to update with new product ranges and resources.

To take a look, click here

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