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Flextraction to exhibit new fume and dust equipment products at MACH 2008

Flextraction Ltd, supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products for dust and fume extraction in the workplace will be exhibiting a number of new products as well as existing products, on stand nr 4440 at MACH 2008, NEC, Birmingham.

New products include a brand new TEKA plasma cutting table with integrated fume extraction, TEKA’s new ‘ZPF9’ central de-dusting cartridge filter system with 9 long life BGIA M filter cartridges and a dust collection efficiency of > 99%, with the filtering device being equipped with PULSE-CONTROL for easy use and programming.

TEKA’s new high performance ‘Wet Dust Separator’ with a high dust collection efficiency for a wide range of applications, including difficult dust conditions will be demonstrated.

Other new products on show include a new grinding bench from TEKA for simple disposal of grinding dust, where dust is extracted through to the back and to the bottom of the table. 90% of the particles collected are separated immediately by an integrated pre-separator.
Other dust and fume equipment on show will include TEKA’s ‘Caremaster SF-W’ Stationary welding fume filter for almost every type of industrial fume extraction problem. It is equipped with a durable filter cassette, pre-filter unit, filter monitor, sealing face lifter, hour-meter, wall bracket and protective motor switch for wall mounting. Alongside it will be TEKA’s BGIA: 200520840/1140 approved ‘Cleanmaster’ mobile, high-performance welding fume filter for industrial fume extraction. It has a visual and acoustic filter monitor, sealing face lifter, hour-meter, cable reel and castors with brakes as standard.

TEKA’s BGIA: 200520840/1140 approved ‘Strongmaster’ mobile cartridge filter for industrial fume extraction comes equipped with a separator, durable, de-dustable, large-surface filter cartridge and PTFE laminate will be shown. The filter cartridge stays in the unit during de-dusting preventing dust from entering the workroom.

Other equipment on show will include Kiekens ‘Mistmaster’ centrifugal mist separator for the filtration of oil mist at turning lathes, milling and other production machines and iekens centralised vacuum system for on welding gun fume extraction and a TEKA ‘Handycart’ mobile portable high-vacuum extraction unit with manual de-duster or fully-automatic pneumatic de-duster and infinitely adjustable speed control as well as a downflow extraction bench and extraction equipment for print processing equipment.

Industrial cleaning equipment will be highlighted by Kiekens ‘W192 / Wet & Swarf’ cleaner for the suction of slightly contaminated liquids, swarfs and accompanying coolants, lubricants and wet industrial waste. Characterized by a strong suction power with a low noise level, it contributes to dust free and safer working conditions.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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