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Fume/Dust Extraction Products from Flextraction on Show in AWD’s Welding World Village at MACH 2012

  • 17th February 2012
  • Flextraction Team

Flextraction Ltd, supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products for dust and fume extraction, is exhibiting the Company’s latest totally self supporting Hood Positioning Device (HPD) along with TEKA’s dust and fume extraction systems in the AWD Welding World Village at MACH 2012 (16th - 20th April 2012).

HPDs being demonstrated or shown by virtual presentations will include the Flextractor HPD, Extended HPD, Mini HPD and Flextender HPD.

HPDs are designed to capture and extract industrial dust and fumes at the point of source for surface grinding, welding or other manufacturing applications where dust and fumes are emitted.  They are also ATEX compliant for use in hazardous area zones.

HPDs are supplied complete with mounting brackets, hoods and hoses, with a range of hoods being available in a wide variety of designs including bell mouth, flare, fish tail, flat screen and custom designed.

Other products on show include the TEKA ‘filtoo’, a BIA approved 1.3kW, 230V or 110V/50Hz, mobile suction and filtering unit for the local extraction of fumes, dust and gases found in welding, bonding, gluing, brazing, soldering and laser welding.  It is a complete ready to plug and go system that takes polluted air in through the suction hood and hose into 4 different filters.

TEKA’s BGIA 200520840/1140 approved ‘Strongmaster’ mobile cartridge filter for industrial fume extraction comes equipped with a separator, durable, de-dustable, large-surface filter cartridge and PTFE laminate, will also be shown. The filter cartridge stays in the unit during de-dusting preventing dust from entering the workroom.

Additionally, on show will be one of TEKA’s, BGIA approved, DIN EN ISO 15012-1, central suction and filtering unit from their ‘Filtercube’ range with a dust extraction efficiency greater than 99%, an integrated fan and a large dust collection capacity.

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