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Innovative, Patented, Extendable Extraction Enclosure

The BOXA is a modular design system comprising of a suction wall, ventilation units and control panel, all housed inside an extendable structure that offers extreme flexibility in both positioning and size. A safe and flexible working environment is provided by means of this unique and patented expandable filtration system. 

Manufactured with galvanised steel arches, the sections are linked by means of pantograph bars and it comes with sliding PVC wheels and a lined PVC canvas. Its unique design enables it to be retracted down to 1.5m in depth when not in use and extended out to 6m in length when required.  Easily positioned with a fork lift, the unit can be moved into its location where it can be connected to the electrics and made ready for the expulsion of extracted air via the on board fan.

The BOXA is available with activated carbon or pre-filter and rigid pocket bag filters, on floor guides, lighting package, silicone covering, spark proof impeller, fireproof motor, warm or cool air generator and more. Call our team on 01664 410 641 with your requirements or for more information on this excellent product.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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