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Introducing the Fumex LF70 Mobile Filter For Extraction of Gases, Fumes and Atmospheric Dust

The Fumex LF70 portable filter for the extraction of gases, fumes and atmospheric dust is available from Flextraction Ltd, the Melton Mowbray, specialist solution provider capturing at source all forms of airborne contamination – dust, fume and oil mist and sole UK representative for Fumex AB, Sweden extraction arms and filters manufacturer.

The Fumex LF70 Portable Filter

The LF70 has been designed specifically to meet the requirements for the extraction of all airborne pollutants in laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical and electronic equipment manufacturers. It can also be used for TIG welding, soldering, laser marking as well as conservation work. It is EMC-, LVD and CE-certified to meet EU Medical Directives and is ideal for use in temporary workplaces or where a fixed installation would not be practical.

Weighing only 25 kg with a low noise level of 56dB(a) at 100%, it has a 315W, 230V 50/60Hz motor producing an infinitely adjustable airflow of maximum 252m3/hour. It has an operator friendly control panel showing the kind of pollutant the filter is set for, whilst a cycle counter shows exactly the airflow speed. Incorporated Fumex designed software produces these calculations.

For dust particles, the 3-stage filter separates 99.7% of all particles >0.3 µm, starts at 0 hours, being automatically re-set when the filter is changed and shows the number of hours the filter has been running. As an option a differential pressure manometer is available to indicate when the filter needs changing. For gases a carbon filter is used for maximum gas absorption.

To obtain an exact flow of air through the filter, a flow meter is available as an optional extra. Also available as options are a remote control to start and stop the fan as well as to adjust the airflow and an outlet connection to connect a separate outlet hose. Additional extraction arms can be attached and a plexiglass hood can be added to the extraction hose to encase laboratory scales or other instruments.

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