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Laminar Flow Booth for Industrial Applications

Flextraction, specialists in the dust and fume extraction industry, have introduced a Laminar Flow Booth to their extensive range of products and offer a modular unit in 2, 4 or 6 meter widths.  Ideally suited to those environments where dust generation is unavoidable, cannot be contained or collected at source, it is designed to be used in conjunction with a full width, standard height (900mm) work bench.  The unit provides laminar air flow across the operator, extracting airborne respirable dust particles towards the rear of the booth, away from the operator’s breathing zone and operating with constant air flow, it prevents contamination of the surrounding area.

Using three stages of disposable filtration to remove the dust, with the final stage being through a High Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) filter, the air is re-circulated back into the working environment via a diffuser, offering the added benefit of saving on heat loss.  The unit comes fitted with three visual indicators to enable monitoring of the condition of the filters.  Whilst designed for the extraction of dust, there is an option for the unit to be adapted for the removal of fumes, either through ventilation to atmosphere or via an activated carbon, enabling recirculation of the clean air back into the workplace.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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