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Modular Stainless Steel Downflow Booths From Flextraction

  • 27th April 2007
  • Flextraction Team

Flextraction Ltd, the Melton Mowbray, specialist solution provider capturing at source all forms of airborne contamination – dust, fume and oil mist has a range of modular, stainless steel, Downflow Booths available, operating on a re-circulating airflow principle.

These booths from 2m wide to 8m wide as standard, but available to suit specific requirements of customers, have been designed to suppress and extract dust over large areas of emission, where conventional local extractors would not be adequate nor effective. Typical process operations where these booths are used are weighing, sieving, filling and mixing as found in bakeries and food production plants as well as dye and paint manufacturing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Features of these booths include the re-circulation of the airflow, whereby a clean down flow of air is supplied from the ceiling through HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor) filters suppressing dust away from the operator’s breathing zone at a down flow of 0.35m/second to 0.6m/second. Louvered grilles in the back wall collect airborne dust at a low level and filter it through a 3-stage filtration using primary roughing filters, secondary bag and HEPA filters discharging through the ceiling. The filtration efficiency is >99.99%. Inward airflow ensures that any airborne contaminants cannot escape into the external environment, whilst pressure indicators monitor the extraction performance with automatic control of the variable speed fan, which is housed in acoustically lined enclosures to reduce overall noise levels.

Also available as options are internal/external 415V/230V power supplies, an audible filter alarm for when the filter need changing as well as bag disposal and compactor.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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