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New French Distributor for Flextraction’s Dust & Fume Extraction Products

Flextraction Ltd, supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products has appointed Wattohm Equipement based in Charnay les Macon as their distributor of HPD dust & fume extraction products within France.

Wattohm was established 25 years ago as a distributor and supplier of dust & fume extraction arms, hoses and filter systems to a multitude of resellers and end users throughout France.

Wattohm will be responsible for the marketing and selling within France of the Flextraction range of totally self supporting Hood Positioning Devices (HPD), including the Flextractor HPD, Extended HPD, Mini HPD and Flextender HPD which are all available and certified as ATEX compliant, being coated with an anti-static paint so that they can be used in hazardous area zones.

HPD’s incorporate mounting brackets, hoods and hoses for the capture and extraction of industrial dusts and fumes including hazardous and corrosive fumes at the point of source in surface grinding, welding, product tipping and drum filling as well as food processing and all manufacturing applications, where dust and fumes are emitted.

Lee Darton, Managing Director, Flextraction said: “We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Wattohm as our distributor in France. We have been working closely with the UKTI (UK Trade and Investment) to seek defined partners in Europe with France being our number one priority, as we look to drive our export business forward. Recently we have been successful in exporting to Spain, Romania, Canada, USA and Oman.

Wattohm is very well placed to sell our products through their market and product expertise and we are confident that this relationship will reap rewards for both parties in the near future.”

Mme Virginie Sauze from Wattohm said: “We are very happy with our new partnership with Flextraction. We appreciate the quality and the professionalism of their management as well as the quality of their product range. Therefore, we are assured that the Flextraction HPD’s will contribute to a significant market share in the French market. We believe in the success of this relationship which helps to complete our range of products”

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