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New Laboratory Fume Extraction System from Flextraction

The new Fumex ME extraction system that is capable of being either ceiling or table mounted, and offering a reach of up to 2000mm, is now available from Flextraction Ltd. Flextraction is a supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products, and the UK and Ireland representative for the Swedish based fume extraction equipment manufacturer Fumex AB. The Fumex ME system is designed for use in laboratories, education facilities, electronics industry and similar environments.

The ergonomically designed 75mmØ Fumex ME has an energy saving very low pressure drop, producing a number of benefits to the user including, reduced ventilation noise measured in accordance with ISO standard 3643, no need for a larger diameter extractor, and it can be integrated with other extraction systems.

With its unique joint construction this system allows air to pass through the joints without creating any unnecessary turbulence, with the variation in pressure drop between the extractor in the working position and a full retracted extractor being minimal.

This system can be rotated round 360º without the need for special sleeves or double wall brackets. Both the ceiling and wall mounted brackets are made of anodised aluminium for stability and easy fitting. The ceiling bracket, available in 8 different lengths from 0.25m – 2.0m, functions as a duct, thereby avoiding the need for expensive external ducting.

Another feature of the ME system is the internal spring located in the first articulating arm joint to support the weight of the arm and provided stability. For a 2m length arm, the ME system can be fitted with a gas spring to support it.

To meet customer requirements this system is available in a number of configurations, including:

  • Standard - with polypropylene joints and aluminium tubes for most laboratory environments
  • Polypropylene - with both joints and tubing in polypropylene for use with corrosive contaminants
  • ATEX - with joints and tube in conductive polypropylene to meet ATEX directive 94/9/EC, for use with contaminants in explosive environments
  • ESD - with joints in conductive polypropylene and aluminium tubes to meet EN61340-5-1 for use in the electronics industry.

A number of hoods are available including:

  • suction nozzles 
  • metal hoods incorporating a working light 
  • dome hoods
  •  square hoods 
  • flat screen hoods.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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