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New Multi-Compartment Fume and Dust Extraction Filter Bags from Flextraction

Flextraction Ltd, supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products has designed a new low cost, multi-compartment filter bag with an innovative folded, labyrinth construction, designed to fit into existing laser and solder fume extractors being used on laser, solder and other industrial fume and dust extraction applications.

The design of the new bag is a major advance on existing designs with increased filtration surface area, F8 classification to BS En779:2002 standard and a 75% reduction in stitched seam length.  This dramatically reduces the cost of manufacture and also the potential for leakage through the seams.

New safety features, including an inlet non-return device to prevent dust from escaping during removal, allows an improved filtration standard plus other safety features, enabling the application of the CE mark for the first time to be used on filters of this type.

Features of the bag include a new extended card inlet device and foam rubber seal, thereby enabling single handed installation and removal, as well as eliminating any hand contact with the contaminated filter surfaces, whilst the folded structure makes the filter self supporting.

The life of each filter can be extensive, as the bag can be easily and safely removed, inverted and shaken to dislodge collected dust into a ‘V’ shaped end pocket.  Another feature is that compartment fastening tags prevent uneven inflation and reduce the bellows effect which can cause dust ejection when filters are removed and compressed for disposal.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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