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TEKA’s New Plasma/Oxyacetylene Modular Cutting Tables with integrated Fume Extraction

A new plasma cutting table with integrated fume extraction from German fume extraction equipment manufacturers TEKA has been launched by Flextraction Ltd, the Melton Mowbray, suppliers and manufacturers of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products for industrial dust and fume extraction and their sole UK representative.

TEKA’s new plasma tables are supplied as modular assemblies so that additional lengths can be retrofitted to existing cutting tables at a later date. They have sectional suction chambers every 500mm and are suitable for both portal and boom cutting machines. For larger air movements, such as found in shipyards and other heavy duty fabrication shops, they are usually supplied with either TEKA’s new integrated ZPF 9N or 9H central suction and de-dusting cartridge filter system which takes polluted air from the suction point using specially designed pipework into the filtering units. (On the stand a 2m x 1m plasma table with a FILTERCUBE 9 central suction and filter unit will demonstrate how the system operates) The ZPF 9 is equipped with 9 long life BGIA M standard filter cartridges with a dust collecting efficiency of >99% . Included in the filtering units is a de-dusting system.

A feature of this system is the micro-processor controlled PULSE-CONTROL, which programmes and controls the operation of the suction and filtering devices. With easy to read digital display, it calculates and automatically adjusts the specific compressed air requirements of the de-dusting operation. A GSM capable version of the programme is also available providing a remote control facility.

Other features of the ZPF 9 central suction and filter units are their modular design to suit customers’ requirements, use of standard filter cartridges, dust collected efficiency > 99%, de-dusting of the filter cartridges using the POWER-SPRAY system, re-circulation of cleaned air into the work area.

For smaller air movements the FILTERCUBE ZPF 3 and ZPF 4 are available with fully automatic de-dusting and BGIA M filter cartridges.

The ZPF 3 is supplied with 3 suction arms and the ZPF 4 with 4 suction arms. These arms are 150mm in diameter, 3m in length and are supplied with exhaust ventilation hoods with throttle valve.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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