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The benefits of using food grade extraction arms in bakeries and food production

  • 19th July 2022
  • Flextraction Team

When working with food, it is essential to ensure that the extraction hoods are always in close proximity to the source of the food dust emission, this way they can capture any potential contaminants before dispersion into the environment of the worker. An example would be the use of an articulated extraction arm positioned on production lines and in food-production working environments so that they are as close to the source of contaminants before circulation and dispersion into the atmosphere.

At Flextraction, we offer a range of food grade extraction hoods that are interchangeable, so you can choose a specific type and size depending on what kind of activity is being conducted. They're also easily removable for maintenance or cleaning.

Flextraction ltd food grade extraction arms news feature

Choosing the right dust extraction system is essential to maintaining a safe work environment in food production processes like flour milling, spray drying of milk and sugar grinding. Our food-grade extraction arms are also designed with ATEX-compliant anti-static materials to reduce the risk of fires and explosions. This is important when considering how flour dust can ignite in bakeries. Choosing a stainless steel hood also helps to resist corrosion when working with acidic food materials.

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