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Wide Range of ATEX-Approved Local Extractor Arms from Flextraction

Flextraction Ltd, the Melton Mowbray, specialist solution provider capturing at source all forms of airborne contamination – dust, fume and oil mist and sole UK representatives for Fumex AB, Sweden localised extraction arms and filters manufacturer has introduced a wide range of Fumex ATEX approved local explosive gas and dust extractor arms, which meet European directive 94/9 EC category 2 for equipment intended for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Models R EX, R EXH 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 available in lengths of 1.5m, 2m, 3m and 4m as well as RZ EX 4500 and 6500 with longer arms up to 6,6m, are designed for use in the chemical, petrochemical, gas distribution, food processing, pharmaceuticals and paint manufacturing industries as well as laboratories.

The wall bracket and arm for the R EX models are made of powder coated steel with conductive metallic grey paint, whilst a stainless steel spring balances the arm’s dead weight, the anti-static polyester-polyurethane hose is ATEX marked R<108Ω and they have a manual damper with conductive knob.

The RZ EX models have all parts earthed and the arm structure is supplied complete with steel wall bracket finished in conductive powder coating. The longer arms are all one piece providing a low pressure drop, limiting dust deposits for easy cleaning.

The R EXH models have stainless steel, SS EN 2343 wall brackets and arms with stainless steel components, joints, screws and conical hood for use in aggressive environments and for easy cleaning.

The smooth bore hoses are easily changeable and available in 75, 100, 125, 160 and 200mm diameters in a range of lengths up a maximum working radius of 6,270 mm, whilst all externally mounted components are designed to reduce any solids build up. Accessories include conical hoods as well as a range of ceiling mounting brackets.

For sales, advice and support, contact Flextraction's team today!

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