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Using a Downdraught Bench for Fabrication Processes

Anyone who has welding experience knows that welding fumes and dust can be a serious health hazard. Exposure can lead to the risk of illnesses such as asthma, lung ulcers, or even cancer. Extraction of these contaminants are vital in any workshop, which is why we offer downdraught benches, suitable for a variety of welding and fabrication processes.

Downdraught benches are a multipurpose solution for welding, grinding and/or sanding. They are most suited for dealing with heavy dust and fume build-up coming from a variety of processes where a bespoke extraction arm may not filter each application to its best ability.

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A downdraught bench becomes the work surface, constantly working to filter the air without requiring adjustment. The downdraught top extracts hazardous fumes and dusts downwards away from the operator before it has a chance to spread through the room, protecting the worker and keeping equipment inside the workshop clean.


Many of our downdraught benches include cartridge filters to clear even the finest of particles up to 99% efficiency. We can provide a mobile solution via the Coral Smokart , a sturdy bench with all the capability of a larger bench but perfect for repositioning in any location, ideal for small to medium sized workshops.

Benches can also be attached to existing extract systems to be fully integrated into the production process, maintaining your fume and dust control across the board. Downdraught benches do not interrupt the production process and can be constantly working to filter the air around the work environment, returning fresh air back into the room.


For ATEX applications, a downdraught bench can still be used as means of extraction- the Poliex eliminates any spark ignition and further supports the removal of hazardous material with a special extract outlet designed to remove any residual powder.

Fabrication processes are dangerous for health by nature, but with the help of a downdraught bench the process can be made safe for the working environment. To find out more on the various benches we have to offer, click here or alternatively get in touch with our friendly sales team who will gladly help you choose the right product for you.

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