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flextraction Downflow Booths

Quiet. Powerful. Efficient... Modular stainless-steel Downflow Booths from flextraction operate on a re-circulating airflow principle, providing clean air from the ceiling through HEPA filters.

Introducing Norres Hoses

We offer a full range of quality hoses from Norres, one of Europe's leading hose manufacturers. Range includes hoses with permanent anti-static properties. Call us for more details.

flextraction Hood Positioning Device (HPD)

Designed in line with HSE guidance, the flextraction Hood Positioning Device (HPD) offers you the ability to have a custom designed hood that meets the demands of your process. Call us for more details.

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Welcome to the website of flextraction Ltd

flextraction Ltd has been at the forefront of the Dust and Fume Extraction market since the late 1990s. As a leading independent UK firm that specialises in manufacturing and supplying Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products, we strive to offer the best solution to your dust or fume extraction problems in the workplace.

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flextraction has developed its own Hood Positioning Device (HPD), a spot extractor that is perhaps more commonly referred to as an extraction arm. In addition, we offer a range of products from highly credible suppliers from throughout Europe, whose products include mobile filter units, industrial vacuums, both mobile and centralised, laboratory extraction units, a wide variety of hoses, vehicle extraction reels and a selection of filter media for a wide range of units.

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flextraction specialises in the following services:

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